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You know that you need a website, and you want a new website, but you don't want to pay astronomical website prices. We know how you feel, honestly! That's why we steer clear of any unnecessary costs, so we can offer you better prices with the same RGM integrity.

The average website actually cost $5K-$10K at most development firms. We already beat our competitors in this area, and now we've sweetened the deal! How? We've eliminated the large, lump sum payments. Our website financing offers cost-effective solutions for web design & development, monthly maintenance, updates, and more.

An Affordable Option with Benefits!

Enjoy your NEW website, plus all the perks. One low monthly payment!



Ideal for Basic Websites

  • Custom Website Design & Development
  • up to 3 Corporate Email Addresses

  • Blog Management
  • Standard Website Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Monthly Website Backup



Ideal for Basic & Blog Websites

  • Custom Website Design & Development
  • up to 3 Corporate Email Addresses

  • Blog Management
  • Email Newsletters
  • Content Updates
  • 2-3 days Average Turnaround
  • Standard Website Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Monthly Website Backup



Ideal for E-commerce &
Membership Sites

  • Custom Website Design & Development
  • up to 3 Corporate Email Addresses

  • Shopping Cart OR Memberships
  • Security Certificate
  • Facebook & Twitter Management
  • Blog Management
  • Email Newsletters
  • Pages and/or Layouts
  • Landing Pages
  • Email & Other Online Forms
  • Menus
  • 24 to 48-hour Turnaround
  • Standard Website Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Monthly Website Backup

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Website Financing Packages

"What about me? I want a website, but I prefer to manage it myself."

No problem! We'll create your website with a super, user-friendly dashboard that you can easily navigate.

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Get the Facts

Do I have to sign a contract?
Yes. Our website financing plans are built upon a contract period of 12 months and contracts must be signed and received before any work can begin.
Do I have to buy my own domain?

If you've already purchased your domain, that's great! We'll work with you to iron out the details.

If you haven't purchased a domain, yet, that's cool, too. We'll take care of it, at no extra charge. The price for the domain is included with your purchase.

We handle all renewals, too!

What about hosting?

Hosting is included in our website financing plans.

The hosting company is chosen solely by RGM.

Will I get an email address?

Yes. Our website financing plans include up to 3 corporate email address.

If additional emails are needed, please contact us for pricing.

How do I check my corporate email?

You can check your corporate email by going to

You can also have one corporate email address forwarded to a personal email addresses. (Send and receive corporate email addresses via gmail, hotmail, or yahoo.)

Don't worry! You'll receive this information in your email welcome message(s), too.

Is it really necessary for me to consistently update my website?
Well, it's a matter of opinion and it depends on your business goals, but we'll tell you this much:

  1. Search engines use web crawlers (robots, bots, or “Googlebots”), that scan the internet for websites. Web crawlers “index” websites based upon algorithmic factors.

    In other words, every time a website is updated, the search engine notices and adjusts that site’s ranking. You guessed it! If you want to increase your website's ranking so a search engine will reassess the site's placement on its index, frequently updating it is essential.

  2. Fresh, relevant content sends the message to your audience that you're committed to the industry, you're an active business, and you care about engaging with customers. Keeping the same stale news and copywriting for years generally shows a lack of dedication to the website. This sort of stagnate presentation often extends to a lack of dedication to quality and service in other areas of business, at least in the eyes of customers.
How am I saving money with website financing?

We're glad you asked! Seriously.

On average, websites cost between $5K - $10K. (We've done our research.) Even with monthly payments, our websites are less expensive than the industry average; and, they include numerous features that you won't receive with any other website purchases.

Our most inclusive package, WebStar, is $389 monthly. That's $4,668 per year - much less than the industry average.

Also, consider the additional services you receive as part of your purchase. To acquire and keep staff members/contractors to cover these features, you'd need to hire web designers and developers, graphic artists, social media marketers, and writers - at the very least. Check out these numbers!

Here are the average salaries for some of these positions:

  • Web Developer/designer $61,823
  • Graphic Designer $51,360
  • Social Media Manager $47,190
  • Systems Administrator $65,273
  • Content Writer $32,000
Total for 5 staff members = $200K+
Okay, to be exact: $228,846.

How do you beat industry prices and still provide such high quality?

We realize that it's not easily done; seeming - maybe - close to impossible. However, it is possible for us because we're very fortunate to have an amazingly skilled team of creative, tech-savvy, web pros. They're not your average team. Many have more than one or two tech skills in which they're well-versed, and it also helps that RGM team members actually enjoy their work.

Being a team with members who have more than one skilled area of know-how is a huge advantage that allows us to offer you such great prices. A lot of our web designers (visual/page layouts) and developers (coding) are crossovers; doing both design and development. Many are also graphic designers and/or social media experts. All of our writers are also great editors; some manage social media very well; and some are graphic designers, too. There are also a few who, like RGM's CEO, can do it all.

We save money by working a team of digital heavy-hitters; a team smaller than some, but more efficient and effective than most. Because we save money, we can save you money.

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