SnapChat: 3 Simple (yet, often Missed) Ways to Grow Your Following

SnapChat. You know what you have to offer, and you know why you’re using it. Do others know that you’re using it? Do others know that you even exist?

Social media is changing by the second and it can be tough to keep up with everything. It doesn’t; however, have to be as difficult as we, sometimes, make it.

Here are just a few simple, non-time-consuming ways to grow your following. Once you discover how easy they are, you’ll be sorry you didn’t do these things sooner.

1) Add SnapChat to Your Social Media Links on Your Website

While you may not find a specific entry slot for it on your chosen website platform, you can still do things to link to your SnapChat from your website.

Slap your SnapChat link into your footer information. It’ll show up on every page to which a visitor travels, and no fancy icons or wording are needed. Simply link your personal SnapChat URL to the text, “SnapChat.”

You can also use a call-to-action to encourage your website visitors to follow you on SnapChat. It’s not a bad idea to include some benefits of following you either. Do you share new, breaking information via SnapChat; talk more in depth about projects; give out contest information and/or clues?

A call-to-action isn’t one version fits all. A call-to-action is just as it implies. You’re calling on others to take some form of action. So, think about what may motivate someone to take action (to do what you’re hoping they’ll do), and apply your strategies accordingly.

2) Place Your SnapChat Information on Your Business Cards

By putting SnapChat information on your business cards, you’re making people aware of your presence on the social media platform. They’ll see your info on the card without you having to tell them anything about SnapChat. More often than not, the info on a business card will peak curiosity. That curiosity will encourage people to look you up on SnapChat. Once they’re viewing your content, they’ll be so hooked, of course they’ll follow you.

(By the way, it goes without saying (we hope), but we’ll say it anyway – just to be clear. All the tips and strategies in the world will not help you get [and keep] followers if your content stinks. Be real and share real stuff.)

3) Ask Others to “Suggest” Your SnapChat

 You can ask your current followers to suggest your SnapChat to their friends and followers.

No trickery. No crazy steps to take. All your followers have to do is click your name and then click the arrow beneath your profile pic. From there, they can suggest your SnapChat to others by checking the boxes next to their names.

These aren’t revolutionary strategies, but they’re so easy that they’re easily overlooked. Now that you have them, use them. They. Do. Work.